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    Patrick Shaw

    O: 410.465.6900 M: 443.784.1117

    Hello to all and thank you so much for taking the opportunity to view my website here at the Bob Lucido team of keller Williams Integrity. I truly am passionate, love and take pride in everything I do in Real Estate. Serving, working hard and efficiently for all my clients no matter which Tax bracket they fall into or their FICO credit scores. When you love people and real estate it just conveys so easily!

    I was born in 1987 and I have been in customer service since I was 12 years of age. Working in my neighborhood mowing lawns, washing cars, raking leaves, and helping in the local food drive allowed me to see my true potential early on in servitude!

    My Retired Military, supportive and very loving Parents taught me that anything worth having in life must be earned. I knew as a child that I wanted to always help people. I remember I used to dream about real estate as a child, but I did not know what it was. I have always been amazed with all home designs and neighborhoods. To this day I still get in my car and just joyride trying to find new locations that I have never personally visited. It is a very tranquil time for me and it is even better when i am doing it for you!

    At 14 I lost my mother to an illness and for me that really put things into perspective. I have two older siblings and two younger that look up to me. If I did not show strength and how to persevere through adversity when faced with major set backs, then I would be no good for all that was in store for me in Real Estate and truly helping people who are depending on me to perform the job that I have been hired to do.

    I have been around real estate for a long time. Prior to becoming a licensed realtor at the age of 19 I worked in Law enforcement at the local airport and I served tables for over 14 years at various restaurants. I have always favored running my own business and providing a service. Something about making people happy makes me happy! I get to share that special moment in their lives with them and that means so much to me!

    Joining the Bob lucido Team at keller Williams Integrity has been the GREATEST business decision that I have ever made! I am honored to be partners and work directly under the greatest servant in real estate that being Bob Lucido!

    Someone who is giving, well respected, a family man, loyal to his partners and so humble!
    I am honored to be apart of this dynamic team that has proven results, in not just making clients happy but also being experts at negotiations and getting your home sold for above market value. Value is what Mr.Lucido offered me and value is what I pride myself on offering you as well!

    I am beyond grateful that you will allow me the honor to hold your hand every step of the way no matter if it is showing you the value of your home, going house to house with you, providing our expert lenders for you, providing free relocation for you, attending the inspection personally making sure the inspectors catch every detail on the subject property for you, selling your home for top dollar, being the voice of reason that you need in finding that forever home and making sure to save you money in the process by knowing my systems and last but certainly not least helping facilitate your real estate transaction in getting YOU to the settlement table.

    Thank you so much for your time! I am absolutely looking forward to working with you, your family, friends, coworkers and anyone that you feel my services have earned the right to help as well. I would love that!

    Take Care and Talk soon
    Patrick Shaw Realtor & Partner
    The Bob Lucido Team of Keller Williams Integrity

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    Patrick Shaw
    Realtor & Partner
    Office: 410.465.6900
    Mobile: 443.784.1117
    Ellicott City
    9251 Baltimore National Pike, Suite D
    Ellicott City, MD 21042
    Phone: 410.465.6900

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