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    20 of Our Favorite Facts about Baltimore City

    We believe Baltimore is one of the most charming cities around!  To know it is to love it, right?  Get to know Baltimore better with these fun city facts.

           Baltimore is filled with unique history

    • Did you know that Baltimore is home to some of the earliest National Register Historic Districts? It’s true—Fells Point became one in 1969, Federal Hill in 1970, and Mt. Vernon Place in 1971.
    • One in three buildings in the city are listed on the National Register. That’s more than 65,000 properties and also more than any other city in the nation!
    • Baltimore is the well-known birthplace of our National Anthem at Fort McHenry.
    • Our Washington Monument predates the Washington Monument in D.C. by several decades.
    • Poet Edgar Allan Poe lived and died in Baltimore.


    Living in Charm City

    • Baltimore is known as a “city of neighborhoods,” with 72 designated historic districts.
    • There are various types of housing in Baltimore, the most prevalent being rowhomes. Did you know that formstone, a type of long-lasting material that went on the exterior of the home, was invented here? You can see it on many houses throughout Baltimore, even today.
    • Baltimore city has an array of different neighborhoods, each with its own charm and personality.


    Arts & Entertainment

    • Artscape is one of the largest free Arts Festivals in the United States.
    • Peabody Institute is the oldest conservatory of music in America and one of the most prestigious in the world.
    • The National Aquarium is located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.
    • Honfest is held yearly in the Hampden neighborhood and celebrates working women’s contribution to society. It also highlights a term of endearment, hon, that’s popular in Baltimore culture.


    Food/ drink

    • Did you know the Baltimore Public Market System is the oldest continuously running public market system in the U.S.?
    • It’s also home to the oldest continuously running tavern in the U.S.—The Horse You Came in On, is a local favorite.
    • The brewery and distillery scene in Baltimore is constantly growing and it’s a great place to find unique local brews.
    • Baltimore is a crucial hub for the crab industry and Maryland Blue Crab is served at many restaurants in the area.




    • Baltimore features two prominent sports stadiums right next to each other!
    • Camden Yards, which is consistently named a top ballpark, was also the first “retro,” MLB ballpark and set the trend for future ballparks!


    Business and Medical

    • The city is seeing new growth and progress take place with the plans for Port Covington as the new headquarters for Under Armour
    • Johns Hopkins Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the nation and leads the way for medical research in the area.


    We hope you enjoy learning about Baltimore! We are thrilled to be named Best Real Estate Agent in Baltimore by the Baltimore Sun! If you want to get some help from the best team in town, contact us for more information.

    Images courtesy of Flickr via DPbirds, Wally Gobetz, Amanjeev, Danielle DeFrancesco, and Jake Slagel.

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