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    2019 Color or the Year

    Don’t we all love fall? …cooler temps, changing leaves, sweater weather, PSLs (like every day),
    and of course the anticipation of new design trends as we update our wardrobes and reflect
    on our interior spaces. Each year color forecasters… consisting of color designers, trend
    forecasters, buyers & design specialists hone in on the colors and finishes we are likely to see
    in the coming year (& for us, the anticipation is compelling!). Everyone has their own
    opinions…read on to hear ours as we analyze the 2019 interior color trends from the leading
    US paint brands

    BEHR “Blueprint”

    We are kind of obsessed with this color. It’s like a zing-y pair of jeans… a color that you can
    really vibe + get comfortable with. We love it for a number of interior spaces and can’t wait to
    apply it from a study +/or powder room to backing a series of built-in bookcases! Steve Jobs
    captured a thought that we adapt on the daily when staging our homes… “A lot of times,
    people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” While Jobs related his
    sentiment to the development of numerous technologies that were once unheard of (ahemm..
    iPhone), we love to stand out from the crowd & hope that buyers fall in love with our listings
    at two pivotal points… once from our marketing photos & once in real life.



    Sherwin Williams “Cavern Clay” 


    This moody, earthy tone hits us a different way…. while we find this color warm with a simple back to nature baseline exuding a “modern comfort” vibe, we think it will not translate well to the buyer for a wall application. Not to say that we can’t incorporate this rich, southwestern heritage color in the presentation of our homes… It’s great for a pop of color to add interest in your marketing photos! Set a Mid-Cen moment next to wood grain elements or “Desert-mod” styling with the wood and black metal farmhouse elements that we have all grown obsessed with! Check out these inspiration photos below for ways to adapt ”Cavern Clay” into styling your coffee table, throw pillow accents, bookcase accessory or niche grouping of potted sculptural cactus PHOTO





    PPG/ Pittsburg/ Glidden = Night watch


    We ARE inspired by this color! “The urge to reconnect with nature is driven by today’s tumultuous, still somewhat rebellious, always-connected society. Empty space in our lives— such as downtime waiting for a bus or lulls in conversation—tends to be filled with the use of our smartphones and devices.,” said Dee Schlotter, PPG’s senior color marketing manager. “Being surrounded by Night Watch can give some of that empty space back by pulling our memories of natural environments to the surface to recreate the calming, invigorating euphoria we feel when in nature.” We think it’s fair to strive for this hue in small but intentional doses… a dark hunter-green velvet accent chair amps up “cool factor” in a living or family room. This rich, lavish Color of the Year also pairs with brushed brassy elements, striking a design-forward modern cord. Albeit a bit exuberant for staging, “Night Watch” would turn heads as an alternative to a charcoal painted brick fireplace in “just the right space”.



    Finally, Benjamin Moore leaves us hanging and speculating, as they will not reveal their #1 until October 11. We think it’s going to be another evocative color.. one that you will want on your walls, one that will make you feel comfortable and cozy in the best place in the world… HOME


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