5 Compelling Reasons to Sell Your House in 2017

    If you are a homeowner who hasn’t considered selling your home during the extremely hot seller’s market of 2017, you might want to think again. There are several factors that make selling your house now not only urgent, but critical.  Let’s explore some reasons why you’ll want to sell your house now instead of waiting for the unpredictable future.

    Mortgage rates are still relatively low

    Despite market analysts running around every time the national interest rate is bumped up just little, it’s really not that big of a deal.  When you look historically, rates are much lower now than they were in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.  If you are considering selling your house in order to purchase a larger or newer property, you would be smart to do it now while rates are still low.


    The real estate market is in dire need of properties

    With Millennials finally making the jump and purchasing homes for the first time, there are many more buyers than sellers in this market.  That means there’s a shortage of housing with plenty of interested buyers.  These buyers are willing to get competitive, meaning a multiple offer situation is likely to occur and drive the price up.  As a potential seller, this is great news for you and just another reason why listing now is your best bet for a great price.

    Prices are soaring

    Real estate prices are getting higher all over the country, but Maryland is seeing prices soar exceptionally high.  Don’t experts advise clients to ‘buy low and sell high?’  If so, now is great time to sell your investment in the form of your house.  You will probably be able to list your home for more than you think and it could sell for more than the asking price.  Waiting a few months or even a few years to sell will leave you with a future that’s uncertain.


    The spring market is alive and well

    The spring market is already going strong in Maryland and will only continue to gather speed as we get closer to summer.  If you decide to prepare your house now for the market, you could be surprised at just how quickly homes are selling for above asking price in Maryland.

    It’s time to think about selling

    With job markets across the country getting stronger, more and more people are going to be searching for a house to buy.  Putting your house on the market now would make it more competitive and would increase the amount of attention and interest it would receive.  If you are looking for ways to prep your house for sale, we provide free staging consultations to anyone who lists their home with us, along with professional photographers.  Our Realtors have long lists of contractors who can do any remodeling or repair work on your home before it goes to market.  With the right staging, photography, and marketing, we can sell your house in 5 days or less for full price.


    If you’re even thinking about selling, why not give our resident expert and call and hear  his thoughts on the spring market?  You can call Bob Lucido directly at 410-465-6900 to talk about the best way to sell your house.  Bob has 40 years of experience in real estate and has a team of more than 100 full-time Realtors who will take care of all your real estate needs.  If you need help selling your home, give Bob Lucido and his team a call today.  They aren’t the #1 Keller Williams Team in the world for nothing–they’ll get your home sold fast!

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