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    5 Reasons Why Your Maryland House Isn’t Selling Quickly

    Have you ever tried to sell your house but it just sat on the market forever?  Were you frustrated with the situation and with your real estate agent, who seemed unable or unwilling to help?  Do you have a house that needs to sell quickly and for top dollar?  Let the experts at The Bob Lucido Team help you out!  We know why your house is just sitting dormant on the market and we’ll do all we can to get it sold fast.  Here are 5 reasons why your Maryland house isn’t selling quickly and what The Bob Lucido Team can do to make it right.

    The house is priced too high

    Don’t rely on Zillow– or your neighbor– for an assessment of what your home is worth.  Only an experienced Realtor who knows your area well and is familiar with local market trends will be able to price your home accurately.  Pricing your home is strategic and crucial.  If the price is too high, your house will sit on the market endlessly.  If priced too low, it will sell quickly but it may not get as much money as it is worth.  Ask a Bob Lucido Team agent for help in pricing your home correctly.


    The house needs some work

    Many agents will put your house on the market as soon as they can get you to sign a contract, but it’s more important for your house to look great first.  That’s why The Bob Lucido Team sends professional stagers to every home we list.  The stager will walk from room to room with you and help give you decorating tips and ideas for making the space look as wonderful as possible.  The stagers will also suggest areas that might need some extra attention or renovation, such as replacing carpet, painting walls, or re-caulking the windows.

    The listing photos are poor

    Once your house looks amazing, it’s time to get it photographed.  Some real estate agents will walk through the house and snap a few photos on their phone.  No matter how updated your phone is, it will never look as good as something taken by a professional photographer using a quality camera.  The Bob Lucido Team sends a professional photographer to every single listing and all photos will make your house look as beautiful online as it does in person.


    The agent doesn’t really care

    Having a real estate agent with a poor attitude can be the worst experience.  If you have an agent who simply shrugs their shoulders when you ask why the house has been on the market so long, it might be time to find someone new.  Realtors with The Bob Lucido Team have an entire marketing team dedicated to getting your house as much exposure as possible.  If you want an agent who will work for you in helping to sell your house as quickly as possible, the Bob Lucido Team is your best bet.

    There is a bad odor in the home

    If you are getting lots of showings without any offers, then you need to re-evaluate what could be wrong with your home once someone steps inside.  Does the home smell musty or stale?  Is there mold inside? Maybe your house just needs a deep cleaning or some fresh smells.  Invest in some candles or natural air scents. You could even let the smell of freshly baked cookies waft through the air right before a showing.  It will make your home feel cozy and safe.


    Don’t settle for less–Realtors with The Bob Lucido Team of Keller Williams Integrity are part of the #1 team in the world for a reason–they care about their clients.  They are concerned about you, they care more about you and your property than they do about getting a commission.  The Bob Lucido Team was founded upon principles of integrity, knowledge, and results.  You’ll get the results you desire when you list your house with The Bob Lucido Team. Partner with the best and you’ll get the best outcome of all.  Contact The Bob Lucido Team today to get your house sold quickly and for top dollar!

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