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    8 Holiday Crafts You Can Make with Things from the Grocery Store

    The holiday season is here, and these family friendly, affordable, and adorable crafts will keep everyone entertained! Courtesy of one of our favorite domestically talented people, Martha Stewart’s blog features 8 holiday crafts where you can find everything you need at your favorite grocery store. Think: paper plate angels, gumdrop pops, citrus pomander bowls, and more!



    Get the Paper-Plate Angels How-To

    These elegant angels began as humble paper plates. Use an angel pattern to create the body and wings and embellish the edge of the plate with hole punches. You can use these as tabletop decorations or place them on your Christmas tree.








    Get the Gumdrop Pops How-To

    Create cute characters from the candy aisle! These gumdrop pops can be used as decorations or as adorable gifts for family and friends. Stack the gumdrops and add sprinkles or other small pieces of candy for eyes and scarves. They’ll be (almost) too cute to eat.









    Get the Citrus Pomander How-To

    You can also make an elegant centerpiece using oranges and grapefruit. Keep the fruit unpeeled and whole; decorate them with a line of cloves and place on a decorative cake stand. Accent with greenery.








    Get the Glittered Paper Reindeer How-To

    On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, and Vixen! To make this shimmery garland, all you need is paper and a flying reindeer cookie cutter.









    Get the Candy Land Cookie How-To

    Gingerbread houses are a traditional holiday craft. Here’s the sweet, easier version: You can use graham crackers for your little ones who want to help make these. Use frosting to serve as the “glue” to assemble a set of homes and decorate with candy pieces.









    Get the Candy Cane Mice How-To

    Create mice from felt or use sturdy card stock or construction paper from the grocery store. Push the wrapped candy canes through the paper (or felt) mouse so that the candy cane becomes the mouse’s tail. These cute mice can be great stocking stuffers or holiday party favors.










    Get the Cranberry Garland How-To

    Here’s a classic holiday tradition: do-it-yourself garlands. Waxed floss is strong and slick, so cranberries and popcorn will slide on easily. Knot one end of a piece of floss, and thread a needle onto the other; just pierce through the kernels and berries, and slip them on.









    Get the Stained Glass Cookie Recipe

    Create the “stained glass” look by inserting chopped candy pieces into cookie cutouts. Once they’re baked, the hard candies look like colorful stained glass. You can turn them into ornaments by looping string (or even licorice whip threads) through a hole in the top of each cookie ornament.








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