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    Back-to-School Organization Ideas


    September means the end of summer and the beginning of the school year – which is exciting for the kiddos and maybe even more-so for the parents (we salute those of you who treated yourself to a mimosa as the school bus drove away!).

    In addition to those new pencils and new shoes, pick up a few new organization methods to help you ace the school year. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


    1. Create a Homework Station. Designate a quiet spot for homework, free of distractions and clutter. If you already have a space in your home tailored for this – such as a bonus room or an office – that’s great. Or, if not, it could be as simple as the kitchen table, along with a basket of school supplies.
    2. Keep a Family Binder or Notebook. These days, everything is digital, but sometimes it just helps to have hard-copies of everything all together in one place. In the spirit of back-to-school season, turn to an old-fashioned, trusty 3-ring binder. Determine important categories (School Info, After-School Activities,  Bills, Contacts, Emergency Info, etc.) and have a section for each. Or, you could have a section for each person in the family, and any activities, appointments, and events can be kept in the individual’s section.
    3. Set up a Snack + Lunch-Making Center. To save time and make your life easier, put lunch items in specific containers or areas in the fridge and pantry. Keep all lunch-making supplies (bags, lunch boxes, reusable containers, napkins) all in one place to alleviate searching for supplies during the [busy/hectic/fill-in-the-blank] morning. For after school, make healthy snacks easily-accessible to hungry little ones. This will help them choose a snack quickly and get started on homework sooner.
    4. Organize the Mom Mobile. In between all your drop offs and pickups, the backseat can easily become a clutter magnet. Having a trash bin in your car will ensure that all trash goes to where is belongs and does not end up under and in between your car seats. Tack truck junk by creating an organization system. Collapsible bins can help to sort everything from groceries to beach gear. Keep them in place by attaching the bristled part of Velcro tape to the bottom — it’ll stick to the fuzzy lining of your trunk and prevent sliding.
    5. Create a Functional Entry Space to Store (and Hide) Gear. Designate a seating area (or bench) for removing dirty shoes and outdoor gear. Add plenty of hooks to hang backpacks, jackets, and umbrellas for easy access storage. Utilize color coded baskets for each family member’s smaller items.  Getting everyone in the habit of keeping their stuff in their assigned spot will make for a smoother departure in the morning.


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