Baltimore On the Rise, Hon

    Baltimore is a city on the rise.  It’s been gaining notoriety and popularity amongst young working professionals for a long time now, but the proof is in the pudding with recent national rankings.  A few of the rankings include the 12th best block party place, the 18th most educated city, and Hampden neighborhood was even voted #8 Hottest Neighborhoods in 2016 .

    Baltimore has already been voted one of the best places for college grads to live and a great place to find a job, but with large companies moving to Charm City, it will be better than ever before. Port Covington is a giant urban renewal project on the waterway in Baltimore that will add jobs and new living space in the city.  This, along with new Amazon warehouses being built in the city, are bringing jobs back to Baltimore.

    Real estate is also seeing an uptick in business in the city and more homes are being purchased to be primary residences, not rentals.  It’s always exciting to see improvement and that’s why we’re thrilled with these neighborhoods–they are certainly on the rise.  They’ve been through a lot but are coming on strong, as 2016 sales numbers indicate.  Here are six Baltimore neighborhoods coming up.


    This neighborhood is close to commuting corridors and commercial areas.  Living in Belair-Parkside is relatively quiet with a big park on one side.  Belair-Parkside is located in Northeast Baltimore near Herring Run Park. The median sales price in 2016 was $135,658, which is a huge jump from $49,500 sales price tag from 2015.

    Seton Hill

    This historic neighborhood offers easy access to the light rail, Howard Street Dog Park, and Mount Vernon Marketplace.  You’re also relatively close to the universities located downtown. Seton Hill is set in Central Baltimore and is just west of Mount Vernon.  The median sales price in 2016 was $210,000, while it was $83,500 in 2015.



    This small, six-block neighborhood lies east of York Road between Woodbourne and McCabe Avenues in Greater Govans.  You will find both single-family homes and row homes here with the median sale price increasing significantly in the last year. The median sales price in 2016 was $52,500, which may not sound like much until you factor in that those prices were at $13,000 just one year earlier.  There were also eight more homes sold in this neighborhood in 2016 than 2015.  Woodbourne-McCabe is close to the Loyola University and Notre Dame of Maryland campuses, Belvedere Square, and the Senator Theatre.  Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake has been rehabbing homes in the area, which is increasing the number of sales here for the better.


    Milton-Montford is a neighborhood located in East Baltimore, a few blocks east of the Johns Hopkins Hospital campus and close to Patterson Park. Homes sold in this area almost doubled in 2016 and the median sales price tripled. Station East has been revitalizing the community here with remodeled homes and fresh green spaces.  The median sales price was at $44,000 in 2016 versus $12,980 in 2015.



    Wrenlane neighborhood is a tiny space off Cold Spring Lane and east of York Road.  It’s close to both the Notre Dame of Maryland and Loyola University campuses.  This small neighborhood in North Baltimore saw their median home price nearly triple in 2016.  Sales went from $37,500 in 2015 to $93,750 in 2016.  Huge gains and big improvement for such a small spot.


    Bridgeview/Greenlawn neighborhood has mixed properties of rowhomes and industrial properties near St. Peter’s Cemetary.  This West Baltimore area is neatly tucked away, but has easy access to Route 40 and North Avenue.  It has nicely-sized rowhomes available.  The median price in 2016 was $45,000, while the median sales price in 2015 was $21,000.


    If you’re a Baltimore resident and want to move into a home that’s owned by you (not a landlord), give The Bob Lucido Team a call today at 410-465-6900.  We’re happy to show you how you can afford a mortgage for less than you pay in rent, and how debt won’t prohibit you from getting a home loan.  Additionally, there are programs catered towards buyers in Baltimore City that can help you come up with the cash for a down payment.  Give The Bob Lucido Team a call and we’ll get you into the Baltimore home of your dreams as quickly as possible.

    Photos courtesy of Elvert Barnes on Flickr, Urbanfeel on Flickr, Ian Freimuth on Flickr, and Yianni Mathioudakis on Flickr.


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