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    Breathe New Life Into Your Home With Spring Home Upgrades

    As it gets warmer outside, the urge to declutter and deep clean your home will come on strong.  If you want to add something new and exciting to your interiors without breaking the budget, here are a few simple ways to upgrade your house for spring. These easy home upgrades will breathe new (and much needed) life into your home!

    Air it out

    All those closed windows and doors during winter can leave some musty, lifeless air inside your house.  Air it out on a warm spring day by opening all the windows for a few hours.  The house will instantly feel refreshed and rejuvenated as fresh air flows through.

    Fresh color on the walls

    Are you in a style rut inside your home? Simply changing the color of the paint on the walls can bring some better vibes. Paint is inexpensive and easy to change, so don’t be afraid to be bold and choose something that you love!

    Rearrange some things

    If you can’t afford to completely redecorate your space, why not try rearranging it? You might find that you love your furniture more when it’s placed in different places.  This is an easy way to instantly change up your home and can even help to give you some design inspiration.

    Get energy-efficient

    If you have a little bit of cash for home upgrades, invest in something that will save you money down the road.  Energy-efficient lightbulbs, low-flow toilets, or energy-efficient appliances can all help to save power in your home, which will help you spend less money on bills in the future.

    Repurpose an unused space

    If you have an old room that’s simply sitting and collecting dust, try to think outside the box to repurpose it. You could turn a spare bedroom into a chic office space, a workout room, or a home theater.  You could turn a basic patch of grass in the backyard into a raised patio for alfresco dining. With a little bit of vision and some work, you could find new place to relax inside your home.

    Add some creative lighting

    If everything feels dull and dark at night, maybe invest some money into some modern lighting fixtures.  Lighting design these days is all about fun, funky pieces so don’t be afraid to try something a little outside the box.  If you love it, go for it!

    Bring on the green

    Finally, if you want to enjoy some of the outdoors inside, pick some plants for the inside of your home.  If you struggle to keep plants alive, look for something easy to maintain, like succulents or cactus. Bringing a little bit of the natural world inside your home will help the air quality and boost your mood.

    So, what are you going to do for spring upgrades inside your home? Whether you’re upgrading your house for yourself or for the real estate market, we’d love to hear what you do.  If you need help in buying or selling a home, we can help right here.  Enjoy spring!

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