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    Command Your Morning with the Lucidos

    A family that works hard together, plays hard together.

    On July 31st, The Lucido family, one of Keller Williams’ top 5 real estate teams, sat down with Nick Baldwin & Caryn Prall from KW Command Your Conversation to discuss working together as a family. Watch as Mom Tracy, Dad Bob, Sister Lauren, & Brother Robert Command their morning.


    The virtual interview was held on Facebook Friday morning through Command Your Conversation’s Private Facebook Group. Nick & Caryn were joined by Bob Lucido, CEO + President, Tracy Lucido, Vice President, Lauren Lucido, Director of Marketing, and Robert Lucido, Marketing Analyst.

    The family discussed building a business, new business operations and programs, successes, obstacles, agent advice, and what it’s like working together as a family, as well as a few lighter topics, such as how they each start their mornings.

    The Livestream had over 100 viewers, many of which were Lucido and Keller Williams agents and partners themselves. Many of these partners chimed in in the comment section with their own success after joining the Lucido team. Keep reading to see some of the biggest take-aways from the hour long interview.


    Biggest Take-Aways:

    1. How the Lucido Team found success during the COVID-19 pandemic: Robert Lucido, Marketing analyst, pointed out that July’s numbers for 2020 actually beat July’s numbers in 2019, meaning that even with the pandemic affecting the real estate industry, the Lucido team has grown their business and reached a goal. According to Robert, this is mostly impart to revisiting old leads, rather than capturing new ones. By engaging with people already in their database, the Lucido’s have capitalized on pre-existing contacts and referrals. The key is converting these leads with effective systems.
    2. H.E.L.P. (Home Enhancement Listing Program) & Buyer Appeal– In 2008, Bob Lucido partnered with a contracting company to create their game-changer program called H.E.L.P., which offers a win-win package for both the realtor and seller. H.E.L.P. allows a seller to make repairs to their home and defer payment until settlement.* Currently, H.E.L.P. is only available in Maryland, but the Lucido’s have plans to scale this program to Ludico Global, Lucido Agency, and Keller Williams’ marketplaces across the nation with their partner, Buyer Appeal.
    3. Lead Gen Division- The Lucidos were very excited to announce the new ISA program they have recently launched headed by our new Director of Lead Generation, Sean Erwin, who was previously Redfin’s top inside sales agent. The division is already producing remarkable results. Bob Lucido mentioned the company has been doing better overall by implementing new systems and processes.
    4. Drip Campaigns- Lauren Lucido, Director of Marketing, pointed out that along with the ISA program and revisiting old leads, they have also revamped and began sending better and more targeted drip campaigns to their leads. In 2019, Lauren acted as a temporary ISA and saw the impact these drip campaigns had on old leads. She also pointed out the importance of tone regarding these campaigns and capturing leads. The Lucido’s have recently shifted the tone of their messaging to be less salesy, and more personable which has been a positive impact on the team’s success overall.
    5. Partner Success- In August of 2019, The Lucidos welcomed Diane Price Team to the Lucido Global family. As of 2020, their Canadian partners have exceeded their total 2019 CGI by more than $200,000.
    6. Coaching New Agents – The Lucidos also touched on coaching new agents in the real estate industry. Bob Lucido gave 2 tips to sum up their advice to those interested in a career in real estate- #1 Join Keller Williams and #2 Join a great team.

    If you’re interested in a Lucido career, click here or email

    If you’re looking to buy or sell a home with the help of a Lucido agent, contact us virtually or call 410.465.6900 today!

    *Disclaimer: Bob Lucido Team provides a list of vendors for their clients who participate in H.E.L.P. These vendors are willing to do the work on the home now and allow the seller to defer payment until settlement.

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