Community Profile: Charles Village Neighborhood in Baltimore

    If you’re looking for a trendy neighborhood full of style and charm in Baltimore, Charles Village is a Baltimore hot spot located close to Johns Hopkins University and the Baltimore Museum of Art. This neighborhood is proud of its colorful and home-grown roots and showcases its style proudly.  The area has a smart, artistic vibe to it and attracts both the creative and science-minded.  Here is our community spotlight on a popular neighborhood in Baltimore: Charles Village.

    Charles Village home styles

    Charles Village is an awesome part of Baltimore city that’s filled to the brim with history and character.  You will find all kinds of styles of housing here, including single family homes, condos, apartments, high rises, and townhouses.  Most notably, however, are the rowhouses from early in the 19th century.  Rowhouse owners in the late 1990’s were encouraged to paint their exterior facade in bright, vivid colors.  There was even a contest with cash prizes for the most beautiful door, most beautiful facade, and most beautiful porch.  This colorful section of town brings a cheery demeanor to the city and are called, the painted ladies,” of Baltimore.  These historical homes are on the National Register of Historic Places and homeowners receive tax credits to restore their homes with historically appropriate materials.  The architecture  in Charles Village is eclectic in style, with a variety of styles from late 19th to early 20th century visible on the rowhouses.  Walking down streets like Guilford Avenue or North Charles Street, you’ll see front porches, projecting bays, conical and pyramidal roofs, dutch gables, small balconies, and stained glass windows and transoms.  Charles Village also boasts a park-like feel, with the houses set back from the road and manicured lawns filling the front space. The area is middle to upper middle class and is home to people from all walks of life.  The Charles Village area also uses a grid street pattern, which was one of the first of its kind to be used in a neighborhood.


    Top  places to eat in Charles Village

    Carma’s Cafe: cozy cafe serving delicious breakfast food all day long– it’s a great spot for college students and those who like pastries and coffee.

    honeygrow: if you like locally-sourced whole foods, honeygrow features healthy salads, fruit bowls, and stir-fry options.  Yum!

    Pete’s Grille: this landmark spot is known for their fantastic breakfast fare with hearty portions served right at the counter.

    Wyman Park Restaurant: this cozy eatery serves sandwiches and breakfast in a comfortable, homey setting.


    Things to do near Charles Village

    Charles Village is a bustling area inside a major metropolitan city.  Its proximity to Johns Hopkins places college hangouts like cozy restaurants, bars, bookstores, and cafes in close distance.  For the art-lover, the Baltimore Museum of Art is located in the area, and if you don’t have time to visit the museum, at least take a walk through their sculpture garden. The Walters Art Museum is another local museum with art and artifacts from the last 55 centuries.  In downtown, you will find the Inner Harbor area to be scenic and although it can be a bit touristy, the shops and views are spectacular.  The National Aquarium is located in the Inner Harbor and features marine-life exhibits, a dolphin show, shark tank, and walk-through rainforest.


    If you’re searching for a classy and creative neighborhood to live in and love, Charles Village has everything you’re looking for.  Between the scholars at Johns Hopkins University to the bohemian flair of the urban, “painted ladies,” all is well in Charles Village.  The mix of home styles allows for a neighborhood that is both racially and ethnically diverse.  Though people may look different, they can stand united in their love for this part of Baltimore.  If you want to live in Charles Village, Realtors with The Bob Lucido Team can make that dream come true.  They know the layout of the neighborhoods in the city and they can help you land a place that will make you happy every single time you walk in the door.  If you’re ready to find your Charles Village home, talk to an agent today.  We’re ready to help you find a home in this neighborhood that is so vibrant and full of life.


    Images courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons, Flickr, Flickr

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