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    Decorate like Disney!

    Interior design startup Modsy reimagined how the princesses from iconic Disney movies Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Mulan, Snow White, and Moana might decorate their spaces as adults. With contemporary furnishings, paint color selections, and styles, the team put together renderings of what a room in each princess’s home would look like—so if you always wanted to live like Disney royalty, now’s your chance!



    Cinderella has a very elegant and neutral sense of style. Her living room can be imagined to boast blues and ivorys as well as brass accents, velvet furniture, gold chandelier, and a bird inspired bookcase, as Cinderella is a friend to animals in the movie.







    Mulan’s living room would reflect her clean, independent, and modest personality with streamlined finishes and minimal decor. Her status as a great hero in China is reflected in the Chinese aesthetic, seen in accents such as the printed rug.




    Lush velvelettes, Parisian silhouettes, and roses a plenty, would no doubt make up Belle’s space. Notice the bright yellow couch that mimics the look of her gown in Beauty and the Beast. The only decor pieces missing are talking teapots, candlesticks, and clocks!





    Tropical accents inspired by Moana’s Polynesian roots define her ideal home. Moana is sure to surround herself in fresh, tropical greenery, vibrant colors, and anything that will remind her of the sea.






    Snow White’s suggested style is modern farmhouse, with a whimsical forest twist. Nearly all of her accents are derived from nature and convey a homey, rustic vibe.






    Elsa’s cozy and predictable bedroom has an icy feel with cool tones. Her Scandinavian background shines through the antlers on the chandelier. Notice the Olaf mug and “let it go” pillow on the right!




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