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    Fresh Ways to Make Your Home Look Lighter and Brighter

    If your home feels dark and closed in, you’re probably craving some natural light.  Adding more light to your space doesn’t have to be difficult.  These tips will help you increase the amount of light in your while staying in budget. There’s nothing better than a clean home, awash with fresh natural sunlight and cheery spaces that speak to the soul.  Let us help you find that kind of space with the home you have right now.

    First, the obvious actions

    If you want to create more natural light inside your home, the first thing you should do is go outside and look at your trees.  Check to see if any trees are blocking the sun from your house or blocking light from entering the windows.  Trees surrounding a house can be a great way to reduce heating and cooling costs, but you don’t want them taking your natural light. Trim tree branches or bushes that are covering windows to let in more light.

    More windows, please

    If your home feels like a cave, consider adding some windows to allow in more light.  Place windows in strategic locations that will let in light and will also add to the overall value of your home.

    Reflect light with mirrors on the wall

    Mirrors can be a great way to increase natural light on the cheap.  A well placed mirror can reflect light into the room, increasing the light, even when there is only a single small window.

    Look for skylight opportunities

    Skylights add natural light and are pleasant to look at.  If possible, consider adding a skylight to your home.  Though costly, the aesthetic will be pleasing and sun will flow into the room, even on overcast days.

    Glass doors

    Glass doors let in more light than solid ones.  You can install glass doors in place of your front door, sliding doors, patio doors, dining room doors, and office doors.  By adding a glass door that is not see through in the bathroom, you can invite in the light without compromising privacy.  French doors are another way to increase light from room to room.

    New pendant lights in the kitchen

    If your kitchen feels dark because it can’t get enough natural light, install pendant lights over the kitchen island to brighten things up.  You can also add under cabinet lighting for some extra light and warmth in the kitchen.

    Get rid of walls you don’t need

    If your house is sectioned off by large imposing walls that don’t need to be there, take them out! Open concept living is a popular trend that’s gaining traction. If you can’t remove a wall entirely, at least open it up to a large arch.  This will allow natural light to flow from space to space.

    Paint it light

    Finally, if you want to make your home look lighter and brighter, paint the walls with a color that is light and airy.  This gentle green is perfect for adding light and soft elements to the space.

    We hope this has been a helpful guide for adding more light to your interior spaces.  If you are thinking about selling your home and would like to get a professional home value estimate, please contact The Bob Lucido Team today.  Our team of professionals would be thrilled to guide you through the real estate process.

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