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    With increasing time spent in the house as 2020 progresses, organization can make all of the difference to a stress-free and beautiful home. It’s important to keep children’s school areas and home offices clean and tidy so that projects don’t get lost or forgotten. It’s very easy to lose focus and/or feel overwhelmed when your home is cluttered and messy. Follow these simple steps to edit, categorize, and contain clutter to create stunning spaces in your home!


    Be Realistic- Storage bins, containers, cork boards, shelves, and boxes are all great organizational tools- in theory. However, if you know that your family isn’t going to take the time to find the storage bin for the item they need, or put it back when they’re done with it- then maybe you need a different approach. It can be common to want every single thing in your home to have a permanent place to live when organizing, but this just isn’t realistic. If it works better to have a basket by the door for shoes, rather than a complicated shoe storage system, then stick with the basket. This is better than those shoes ending up on the floor because no one actually uses the organization plan you came up with for those shoes.

    Declutter- You can’t begin to organize until you rid your home of all those unnecessary items you no longer need. Organize only the necessities- this means donating or throwing out old and unwanted items. A well-organized home requires a reality check towards everything you own. That prom dress from 2007, for example, you’re never going to wear again. Pass it down to younger generations, donate it, or if you must keep it for sentimental reasons- put it in a storage unit.

    Create ‘Drop Zones’- There will be times where you need to toss something to the side, rather than put it away nice and neat, and that’s okay! Create a drop zone for those specific items so even though they aren’t put away, they still look organized. Baskets and trays work great for easy-access storage to keep drop zone  items like car keys, mail, sunglasses, headphones, and more.


    Go Vertical- One way to maximize your available storage is to think vertically. Get creative with spaces you rarely use, like on top of cabinets, or vertical shelving.

    Maintain a Schedule- Now that you’ve spent all that time making your home organized top to bottom, you want to keep it that way. The number one reason that homes do not stay organized is because life gets in the way. Between work and social events, most of us rarely stay organized. Block off times to re-organize problem areas such as your closet. If you remember to organize weekly or daily, it will only take a few minutes, rather than having to spend an entire weekend in the future because you didn’t keep up with it.




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