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    Give Your Home a Facelift Without Ever Leaving it

    There’s nothing like spending 15 hours straight, 3 days a row in your living room to make you suddenly start to rethink your interior design choices. With stores closed, freshening your space requires shopping your home and playing with rearranging furniture and decor. Check out these 10 little ways to spruce up your home without ever leaving it or buying anything new courtesy of


    1. Rearrange your Living Room – You’re probably spending a lot of family time in the heart of your home, watching tv, playing games, doing puzzles, and more. Rearrange furniture so your coffee table and television are focal points. Bring in blankets and pillows from other rooms to add a level of dimension so your space feels different and new.
    2. Bring the Outdoors in – Grab some flowers from your garden, or even sticks and greenery from surrounding wooded areas to use as decorative centerpieces.
    3. Shop your Home for Accessories – Moving around decor can make a huge difference in your homes design aesthetic. Try switching up vases, candlesticks, and art. See how the items that were in your dining room, would look in your living room.
    4. Sort though Storage – Outdated items tend to come back in style, so you might have some old treasures collecting dust in your attic or basement that you can use to freshen up your home’s look. Try accessorizing with vintage items such as old books, paintings, and furniture.
    5. Upgrade your Headboard – To update your headboard, you can drape a blanket or tapestry over it. To add a headboard without purchasing one, you can paint one behind your bed in the shape of a rectangle, square, or circle. Upgrading your headboard will drastically change the look of your bedroom.
    6. Rethink your Windows – Since we’re going outside less and less, why not make your window have a comfy perch so you can at least look outside? Place an upholstered bench or chair right up against your window and add pillows for maximum comfort.
    7. Introduce Mood Lighting – Consider rearranging lights and lamps in your home. Add shaded lighting to the main areas you spend time in. These lamps add a less harsh, cozy feel to the space.
    8. Restyle your Shelves – For a quick sprucing that makes all of the difference, remove everything from your shelves, dust them, and then put everything back in a new arrangement.
    9. Refresh your Sofa – Mix up your throw pillows and blankets. Now is a great time to add pops of pastel colors for a light and airy springtime look.
    10. Organize your Kitchen Counters – Declutter counters by using a serving tray. Place all of the items spread out on your counters in one tray together. This includes coffee pots, flowers, mail, cookie jars, and more. If the tray is overflowing, remove some of the items and store them elsewhere, out of sight.


    If you’re looking to buy or sell a home during this pandemic, contact us or call 410.465.6900 to set up a virtual appointment! We have a team of professional stagers to make sure your home is the best on the block.

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