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    How To Incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year into Your Interior Design

    It’s 2017 and everyone is ready for change, a fresh start, a new day.  The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year is the perfect way to add refreshing elements to your interior design.  The color is called Greenery and it’s anything but bland.  It evokes a feeling of peace, mindfulness, and respite against a busy world.

    The blend of green/yellow is bright and can be bold so cautious designers would do well by adding pops of Greenery throughout the home instead of painting every wall.  But, if you have a love for fresh green and a color that reminds you of leaves in their prime, be brave and paint some walls.

    Here are 8 ways to incorporate the Color of the Year into your interior design. 

    color of the year

    Paint a room and add some matching elements

    If this leafy green color is calling to you, adding some new color to your walls isn’t such a bad idea.  You could paint walls a soft shade of green and add brighter green elements that match or you could do a statement wall with the bright green color and add pieces that mesh well.  Either way, you’re adding some fresh color to your home.  Green is a color to be used carefully.  It’s known as nature’s neutral because what flower doesn’t look great next to green?  However, used in massive amounts or on multiple walls in bright colors can be intimidating.  Be wise in your designs.

    Bringing the green in from the outdoors

    This color can actually help people feel calmed and soothed, the same way that being outside in nature helps to clear your head.  That’s why using Greenery in the literal sense, by bringing plants indoors, is such a great idea.  Find deep leafy green plants to change your air and your attitude or opt for some succulents that need little care to survive.  

    color of the year

    Adding hints of green to your rugs and wall decor

    If you like the bright colors in your home to be a little more subtle, try adding small amounts of Greenery to your decor.  You could start by finding paintings, frames, or rugs that have traces of green or green woven into the design.

    Use the shade in furniture

    An eye-catching bright green couch or chair will bring some appeal to your space.  Look for unique pieces that have both the color, depth, and texture that’s different and special.  Greenery will do particularly well on textured fabrics like velvet.   Using a green pop of color in the shape of a couch or chair is fun, whimsical, and adds an earthy element to your living room space.  

    color of the year

     Green backsplash tiles give the kitchen an all-new look

    Maybe painting the walls isn’t your thing.  You could always install a fresh backsplash instead.  Give your kitchen new life with a backsplash that’s both calming and refreshing at the same time.  Green feels like an appropriate color in the kitchen, given the use of the space and how color can make it feel airy and bright.

    Freshen the kitchen with pops of green kitchenware

    If you aren’t in the mood to remodel, try adding Greenery into your dinnerware, mugs, or even the countertop appliances like a coffeemaker or teapot.  These items might seem small but when used in an all-white kitchen, you get a very modern and sophisticated feel.

    color of the year

    When designing a new interior look for your home, consider adding a bright green accent to lift and brighten any room.  If you’re looking for more tips for home design, follow the Bob Lucido Team blog for tips for styling, staging, and selling your home fast and for top dollar.

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