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    How to Turn Your Yard into the Perfect Entertaining Space

    It is the perfect time of year to start spending more time outside, hosting a barbecue, playing games in the yard with your kids, or gathering around a fire pit to roast marshmallows at night. If your yard is dull and lifeless, now is the perfect time of year to spice things up with some new looks in the backyard. Yards are so much more than just a place for your kids to play and grass to grow.  It’s where you host parties, gaze up at the stars, and make new traditions. These tips for entertaining will turn your yard into a dream for any outdoor lover.

    Plant colorful things

    The first step to spicing up your yard is to make sure your grass is healthy and green.  Next, add some color by selecting vibrant plants and flowers for the space.  You could designate garden areas throughout the yard that will accentuate the shape of your yard.

    Add some interest to your pool

    Pools are cool, but pools with bridges, waterfalls, and slides are even cooler.  Make your pool more interesting and fun by adding a special rock slide or a bridge.  Adding lights around or in the pool will help it light up at night.  People love to gather around pools that are clean, bright, and captivating–so make your pool area stand out.

    Put up a luxurious gazebo

    When you want to relax outside, but you don’t want the sun shining down on you constantly, a gazebo is a great way to create outdoor living space. This gazebo comes alive with the billowing curtains, and outdoor couches and art deco coffee table.  It’s finished off with throw pillows in fun colors and a funky light.

    Dining Alfresco

    Go one step further than simply grilling outside and create a built-in outdoor kitchen area.  Now, you can cook and be outside with your guests at the same time.  This Wolf outdoor range is the perfect way to grill over an open flame and the concrete counter is a perfect base for slicing or prepping your food. Finish with some chairs for outdoor eating and your friends will be begging to eat at your house all the time.

    Freshen your patio

    If your patio is just basic poured concrete, it might be time redo and refresh.  Adding pavers or tile to your patio can be a great way to spice things up.  A fire pit at the center brings warmth to the space and is a perfect spot to hang out and relax while chatting by the fire.
    Outdoor living
    Make a formal extension of your home by integrating outdoor living into the mix.  An indoor/outdoor kitchen, lounging space, and dining table is the perfect way to extend your house to the outdoors.  Eating outside in the fresh air makes people feel happier and lighter and any time spent lounging outside is an instant pick-me-up.  Utilize your home by creating the perfect indoor/outdoor living space.
    Outdoor entertaining isn’t difficult when you have the perfect yard to host it in.  Let The Bob Lucido Team help you find a home with the ideal yard.  We have access to hundreds of homes in Maryland with perfect patios–we can help you find yours today.

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