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    How We Plan to Re-implement Safe and Successful Open Houses

    According to MD State Officials, we are finally able to start having Open Houses again, however, we have to be smart about how we do so. In order to host Open Houses that are both safe and successful, the seller and agent must take the necessary precautions.

    An Open House is a crucial part of selling a home, as it gives buyers an opportunity to view the home and creates a sense of urgency and motivation. It’s one of the first tasks a seller must prepare for, with guidance from  their real estate agent. Both the seller and the agent should follow steps to ensure the maximum number of people possible view and are impressed by the home, to increase the chance of it selling quickly + for top dollar and to ensure this is done so in a safe and healthy manner. The more successful the Open House, the more likely the seller will receive an offer.


    Health is our number one concern. Although Open Houses are now allowed, we are still going to take every necessary precaution to ensure the health and safety of our buyers, sellers, and agents. Our agents will bring sanitation signs outlining OH rules and regulations to be hung on the front door and placed strategically throughout the home.










    These rules include:

    -Remove your shoes or wear shoe coverings, please no bare feet.
    -No individuals below 18.
    -Please use hand sanitizer immediately entering the home.
    -Please allow the showing agent to open all doors and turn on/off lights. It is recommended that the showing agent use a clean napkin or tissue to touch these surfaces, to avoid contact.
    -Please do not touch any items or surfaces while inside the home. If you must, please use a disinfecting wipe on all door knobs, stair railings, light switches, bathrooms, etc.
    -Please do not use bathrooms.
    -Please wear masks and gloves.
    -Only 3 people are permitted inside the home at a time.
    -All guests must follow social distancing and stay 10 feet apart from one another.


    Hosting Agents will enforce these rules with no exceptions. They may also make hand sanitizer available at the home for all visitors to use,  wipe down the home before closing the Open House, and provide the seller with their own document outlining everything they should do to ensure the health and safety of the event. This document includes:
    -If you have hand sanitizer, place a bottle on a table in your entryway. We will provide you with a sign to encourage hand sanitizing.
    -Turn on all lights and lamps and open all blinds and draperies. This not only makes the rooms feel bigger, but it keeps buyers from touching light switches.
    -Open all doors so buyers won’t touch your door handles.
    -Put toilet lids down and fold the end of the toilet paper roll into a triangle. Then you will know if someone used the bathroom.
    -Please wear masks and gloves.

    *Virtual Tours  will still be offered as an option for our listings as the coronavirus pandemic continues. This way, even if buyers do not feel comfortable touring a home in person, they can still view the home virtually.

    If you’re looking to get your home sold quickly + for top dollar, call 410.465.600 or email!


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