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    Is Now a Good Time to Refinance?

    Interest rates are at an all time LOW! Have you considered refinancing?

    “You have unrivaled low interest rates and an appreciating housing market, those two things combined offer a lot of opportunity with respect to financing,” said Allen Tayman, VP of Residential Lending at Apex Home Loans, Inc.

    Everyone’s individual situation is different, which is why you should consider the pros and cons of refinancing before making any decisions.


    1. Potential to lower monthly payments if your current interest rate is higher than today’s rate
      PRO: Refinancing for another 30 year term after making payments and earning equity will lower your monthly payment.
      CON: You’ll pay a lot more in total interest when your financing resets.

    2. Monthly debt consolidation
      PRO: The ability to consolidate credit card debt, car loans etc.
      CON: *paying off a debt consolidation loan is typically simpler than paying off several credit card or loan balances – always a good thing!

    3. Increasing adjustable rate mortgage
      PRO: You benefit from low interest rates when the market supports them.
      CON: Your monthly payments could change – they could go up.

    4. Potential to reduce your loan term
      PRO: You’ll save a lot in total interest over the term of your loan.
      CON: Your monthly payment will be higher.

    5. “Cash-out” equity
      PRO: Get cash to pay for home improvement projects, college, or other major purchases.
      CON: You’ll reduce your home equity and, because you’ll reset your loan term, you’ll pay more in total interest.

      To find out if refinancing now is the best decision for you, visit or call 410.465.6900.

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