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    Make a Great First Impression: 10 Ways to Amp Up Your Curb Appeal

    When it comes to selling your house, curb appeal is one of the most important ways to engage a potential buyer.  Curb appeal refers to the look of your house from the street.  If someone is driving down your street or is looking through exterior photos of houses, you want them to say, “Wow!”  If you strengthen your curb appeal, you will have more people interested in your home.  First impressions are everything and here are some simple ways to make yours better.  How will you amp up your curb appeal?

    View with a critical eye

    It’s easy to overlook small defects on the outside of your home when you’re used to living in it.  Take a step back and look with new eyes.  Take time to look for things that stand out for better or worse. When you look at your home with a critical eye, you will start to notice things and you will be able to make a list of things that need to be washed, updated, cleaned, or changed.

    Snap a few photos

    Simply looking at your house isn’t enough. You need to take a few photos and look at your home from those photos. You might notice something new, like how your planters are taking over the front porch or how the color of the shutters pops in a photo.  Seeing your house on camera will help you get a good idea of what needs to change to make it better.

    Look up…literally

    Many homeowners ignore their roof if it’s in good condition– but a dirty, stained, or worn roof can look just as bad as a house with an old roof that needs replacing.  Potential home buyers will be very concerned about the condition of the roof if it looks dirty.  Washing the roof can be a tedious task, but it will pay off big time when homeowners see how nice and new the roof looks.

    Clean and bright house numbers

    One way to keep your home from getting lost in the crowd is by freshening up your house numbers.  If they are faded, dull, or hard to read, it might be time to get some new ones.  Luckily, these pieces of hardware don’t cost very much but can add a little style to your house.  Choose something contemporary but not wild and make sure it’s easy to read from the curb.

    Pressure wash it

    This tip takes a little time and effort but some of the dingiest houses can look clean and bright again after some pressure washing.  Does your patio need new stain?  Not if you power wash it.  Do you have moss growing on the sides of your house?  Not if you power wash it.  If you don’t own one of these machines, you can easily rent one from a hardware store for the day.

    Give it some color

    A pop of fresh color in the right places will make your home look bright and inviting.  Try painting the door with a new hue that’s both bold and interesting.  You would also repaint the trim and shutters for a easy facelift for your home’s exterior.

    Upgrade the mailbox

    If your mailbox is boring, upgrading to something new can help your house look loved.  Opt for something more unique than a simple little mailbox and you’ll be happy at the result.  The mailbox can act as an extension of your home and can be styled the same way.

    Plant a tree

    Add some shade to your yard by planting a tree.  Even though a baby tree takes many years to mature, it’s an investment in the future and adds to the overall aesthetic.

    New lighting

    If your light fixtures are outdated, it’s time to get some new ones.  Look for visually appealing lights that will brighten up your front door area and will warmly invite people to your home.

    Spruce things up with some flowers

    Finally, don’t forget about those garden beds!  Add some fresh flowers in varying colors to add extra texture and depth to your front space.  Window boxes are a great way to go if there isn’t available garden space in the front.

    Just because it’s the front of your house doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  These simple updates aren’t difficult or expensive but will add some needed curb appeal to your home.  If you are hoping to put your home on the market, let the experts show you how! The Bob Lucido Team of Keller Williams Integrity is the #1 Keller Williams team in the world and we’d love to help you buy or sell a home.  Give us a call today to get a free home estimate to find out how much your home is worth.

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