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    Now Trending: Blue Kitchens!


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    Blue has made its debut as the most popular color choice for cabinetry in 2020, according to a 2020 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study.

    For the past decade, white kitchens were all the rave, but now, designers want more! The use of blue cabinets, whether it’s a bright royal blue, a deep navy blue, or soft pastel light blue are making waves as the latest kitchen decor design trend. Some designers are even painting blue accent walls in kitchens or incorporating blue backsplashes.

    Check out one of our featured listings that ROCKS the blue kitchen look in the photo above!


    A few more kitchen design trends that are emerging this year are:

    • Smart kitchens – Buyers want technology in the form of appliances from faucets, to the fridge, to lighting.
    • Ceramic floors –  Buyers still love hard wood in the kitchen, but ceramic floors to resemble a range of materials such as natural stone or intricate patterns are on the rise.
    • Single Level Multipurpose Islands – Large islands are now the focal point of the kitchen. They act as storage, counter space to prepare meals, and are a place for residents to sit and eat.
    • Textured Backsplash – Buyers want various patterns on their backsplash, subway tile is out!
    • Mix and Matching Materials – Designers are all about mixing their use of materials for added depth and texture, this includes using both metal and wood.
    • Steel Hoods – Hoods were never a main focal point of the kitchen, until now! Custom steel hoods are popping up in kitchen remodels everywhere.
    • Pops of Color- As you can see in the photo above, blue isn’t the only color that stands out. This kitchen is accented with bright yellow and red accents to give it even more life.


    If you’re looking to find the kitchen of your dreams, or want to sell your home but can’t afford to make necessary repairs to the kitchen, call us today at 410.465.6900 or email to see how we can help!

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