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    Quarantine like a PRO! – Activities to do with the Kids


    Activities to do with the Kids at Home

    The kids are at home and you’ve got to come up with a plan to keep them busy when they aren’t virtually studying. Look no further! Try having them do one of these fun activities around the house.






    1. Have a Scavenger Hunt- Create a map of your home and hide small items in it. Mark each piece of the map with the “hidden treasure.” Explain the map to your little ones and let them try finding the items. Once they complete it, let them make their own hunt!

    2. Art Projects- Distract the kids for hours with arts and crafts, check out this list of things they can make with household items.

    3. Make a Fort- What kid doesn’t love making forts? Help them make a fort with couch cushions, sheets and other furniture. Then let them create their very own space inside. You might not see them again for the rest of the day!

    4. Have a Fashion Show- Let the kids spend hours trying on fun costumes and clothes to show off on the runway, aka, your living room. They’ll be so busy trying different outfit combinations that you’ll have time to get things done- until the show starts, that is!

    5. Watch Movies- This is a perfect choice for some quiet time. Internet streaming services such as Disney+ are releasing more content during this time for this reason, to keep the kids occupied by watching their favorite movies and shows!

      Tips for Home + Virtual schooling:

      1. Electronics- DON’T turn on the TV, if it is on the kids will be very distracted. DO turn the radio on or listen to music, quiet background noise has been proven to help children function well. Set rules for cell phone use, study time is not texting time.

      2. Designate a specific area for schoolwork- Try to set up a desk-like area for your child to study. This should be a quiet area where they are seated upright where they can easily reach all of their supplies. Avoid having them use their bedroom for this purpose. You want them to be in eye’s range so you can make sure they are on track. Options include kitchen tables, islands, and home offices.

      3. Set a schedule- Consistency is essential. Having a routine will get your child back into the groove of going to school.
        For example:
        8 AM – Wake up, get ready for the day, and eat breakfast
        9 AM – Virtual school/ studying
        12 PM – Break for lunch
        1 PM – Virtual school/studying
        3 PM – Finish school for the day + have an afternoon snack
        3:30 – 6:30 PM – Play/ Leisure time
        6:30 PM – Dinner time
        7:30 pm – Homework (if applicable)
        9 PM – Bath/Shower
        10 PM – Bedtime

      4. Know when to step in and help- If you sense your child is getting frustrated or having trouble with an assignment, step in and help. They may not have a platform to ask a teacher or peer for help, you need to be able to play that role for them. However, make sure they are trying. You don’t want to be doing the work for them when they are capable.

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