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    Quarantine like a PRO! – Gardening Tips

    Gardening Tips

    Put your green thumb to use while you’re staying home this Earth Month! Get outside and grow your own flowers, herbs, and more with these helpful gardening tips!





    1. Obtain a Gardening Kit- This includes an apron, gardening tools, and more. Don’t worry about finding a suitable plot of land in your yard – use a planter box or container to house all of your plants. You can order gardening kits on Amazon, and planter boxes from Gardeners Home Supply Company.

    2. Decide What you Want to Grow- Depending on the time of year, you’ll be able to grow an assortment of things in your garden- Choose from flowers, herbs, produce, and more. Check out what time of year is best to grow what HERE.

    3. Set Up your Garden- Make sure you choose a location for your garden that gets sunlight AND shade. You’ll also want to make sure there is room for overgrow. Fill your container/planter box with a layer of rocks on the bottom and then add the soil. The rocks help with drainage.

    4. Plant your Seeds and Bulbs- Grab those tools from your kit and start planting your garden. Dig holes about 2-3 inches deep for your seeds, and about 8 inches apart from each other. Fill the holes back in with soil.

    5. Water, Water, Water- Make sure your garden is hydrated daily. Check the packaging that your seeds/bulbs came in to see how much water they each need, to avoid over watering. Also, take into consideration how much rain has fell recently before watering. The general rule of thumb is to give your plants an inch of water per week. Don’t wet the plant’s leaves! Yellow leaves means too much water.

    6. Trim + Prune- Trimming the leaves and overgrow on your plants helps to increase air circulation, so that plants grow healthier, larger, and faster.

    7. Harvest- Once your vegetables and herbs have grown enough to be consumed safely, harvest them for cooking and enjoy your fresh produce! For tips on when it’s safe to harvest herbs, click here, for produce, click here. Repeat the process to grow more!

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