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    Quarantine like a PRO! – Spring Cleaning Tips + Tricks

    Spring Cleaning Tips + Tricks

    Happy Spring! There’s no time like the present to get your home in tip-top shape, and with the increased hours at home, there is ample time. Follow these 6 tips + tricks to get your home squeaky clean without the added stress of the overwhelming and time consuming task that is spring cleaning.




    1. Make a Schedule- Have a plan so you focus on the task at hand only. This will make the project seem much more do-able.
    2. Declutter- A disorganized home will make you feel stressed and as if the work isn’t getting done. Declutter before tackling other deep-cleaning projects.

    3. Think Green- Use a steam cleaner to get your home squeaky clean without the added chemicals and toxins of other cleaning supplies.

    4. Freshen the Air- Replacing HVAC and furnace filters is one of the most overlooked parts of spring cleaning and can make one of the biggest differences.

    5. Work Top to Bottom- Force debris downward so you don’t end up re-dusting your space.

    6. Set the Tone- Make your space feel light and airy by adding pops of Spring colors in the form of pillows, fresh linens, and other decor pieces.

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    • Ann Henry

      Written on

      It also helps to have your favorite music playing while you clean. It’s great if you can be alone while doing this to avoid distractions.


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