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    Simple Organizing Tips to Keep the Clutter at Bay

    Clutter exists wherever humans are present.  We carry a lot of items with us and it’s hard to keep them all organized all the time.  However, clutter can be mitigated or even completely removed from your home when following just a few simple steps.  If you are preparing your house for the real estate market, clutter should be very minimal in your home during the sales process.  Hide or remove all clutter from areas that will be viewed or photographed during the listing process. If you’re looking for tips to handle the current clutter, read on.

    Remove excess from your home

    The first step in organizing and managing clutter is to get rid of anything in your home that you don’t need or use.  This could include anything from random papers on your desk, to clothes you never wear, to books you never ready or items that take up space but aren’t important.  We all have so many of these kinds of items laying around, throughout the entire house. You should do one massive purge of your entire home, where you go through every item, room by room and put things in keep, donate, or throw out piles.  This will help you prepare your home for the housing market and will get rid of clutter in the process.

    Adopt habits to manage clutter

    If you want to stay ahead of clutter and mess in your home, you need to make changes to keep clutter piles from forming.  When sorting through bills, immediately file or trash things you don’t need, instead of putting it all on the counter.  When you see something out of place, don’t just leave it there, take a moment to return it to it’s correct location.  Managing clutter in your home is more than simply cleaning up and organizing your items.  It’s staying vigilant once things are organized and changing your habits to reflect what you want to see in your home.

    Delegate and assign chores

    You can’t tackle all the clutter in your whole house on your own.  You need to enlist the help of your spouse and children to be fully successful.  Give children clutter bins and send them to collect all their items throughout the home once a week.  Assign your husband to keep track of his items, like hobbies, clothing, and bathroom items.  Help to remind them to pick up after themselves.  By removing extra items, there will be less to organize and by enlisting the help of your family, you can get clutter picked up and sorted more quickly.

    Increase your attention

    If you want your house to stay clutter-free, you have to pay attention to the clutter-prone spots in your house.  It might be your entryway, your garage, your bathroom cabinets, your kitchen, or your dining room table.  Make sure that every item has a proper and designated place and that all items can be returned to their place after being used.  Make sure you note which items are out of place when you walk through a room and take the time to put each one away in the right spot.

    Tackling and handling clutter doesn’t have to be daunting or difficult if you are dedicated to the cause.  A home without clutter is a peaceful and clean place where your family will happily reside.  The Bob Lucido Team is here to handle all of your real estate needs and one of the wonderful things that we provide is professional staging for your home.  Our staging team will help you see areas that can be improved in your home and will give you tips to make it better.  If you are interested in learning more about staging or about the wonderful perks that we offer to our clients, visit our website for more information.

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