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    Summer Home Checklist

    Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of Summer, so it’s time to get ready for the hot and humid months of June, July, and August. Get a jump start prepping your home for the Summer by following the to-do’s on this Summer Home Checklist!

    • Empty Standing Water- The last thing you want is  a ton of mosquitoes on your property, so make sure to drain any standing water. This can range from larger projects like changing pool water, to the smallest projects, like bird baths.
    • Bring out the Summer Necessities- Place bug repellent, beach towels, sunglasses, first aid kit, sunscreen, aloe, and any other summer necessities together in a spot near the front door for easy access for everyone in the home to use.
    • Install Screen Doors- Replace glass doors with screen ones to let the fresh summer air inside. Make sure there aren’t any holes, though!
    • Check Play Equipment for Safety- Outdoor swings and playgrounds could have been damaged by winter, weather, moisture, etc. Make sure to check these items, as well as bikes and sporting equipment for safety hazards before allowing family members to use them.
    • Hang a Clothesline- To save energy in the summertime, you can dry your clothes naturally on a clothesline, rather than in a dryer. If you have a pool, this is also a great place for family members  to hang pool towels and bathing suits up to dry.
    • Organize and Put Away School Supplies- The kids are about to want nothing to do with anything school-related, so before the year is completely over, begin organizing school supplies and papers. Sort through their work and keep only the best. Throw out older supplies that are no longer useful, such as dried up glue sticks. Put the rest in storage.
    • Check HVAC and Cooling Systems- Don’t wait until the heat is here  to schedule maintenance for your HVAC system. If you have window units, make sure they are properly installed. Dust ceiling fans and window sills.
    • Check Irrigation Systems- Check that your irrigation system and sprinklers are working properly. You don’t want plants to dry from not being watered, or any flooding to occur. Set a schedule for your irrigation system so your yard stays fresh and green all summer long.
    • Update First Aid Kits- Great weather means the kids will be playing outdoors more often. Make sure you have band-aids, alcohol wipes, tweezers, gause, burn cream, and more first aid kit necessities in case of an emergency.
    • Clean Gutters- If you haven’t cleaned your gutters recently, make sure to do so. Leaves and other debris can cause flooding during summer storms when gutters aren’t cleared.

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