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    The Bob Lucido Team at Keller Williams Family Reunion

    We’re happy to report that the title of being the #1 Keller Williams Team in the World still belongs to us! 40 of our team members from across the country attended the annual Keller Williams Family Reunion in Las Vegas and we brought home some incredible takeaways that will sharpen our skills, as well as a handful of impressive honors and awards.   Read on for a recap of the highlights of our time in Vegas.


    Proud to be #1 yet again

    2016 was an amazing year for us, as we launched our first location outside of Maryland, establishing our expansion division, Lucido Agency.  In less than one year, we went from having 2 locations in one state to having 11 locations in 7 states.  Bringing on Jack Mazza (pictured above, on left) as Director of Expansion, entirely focused on strategic growth efforts, has played a significant role in this success.

    Bob received a number of impressive awards including; Business Innovator, Top Luxury Member, both individually and for The Bob Lucido Team, #1 Expansion Group in Gross Commission Income (GCI) and #1 Expansion Group in Units.  We are proud of the accomplishment of both our leader and team members that make these awards possible.  However, we understand that much of our success comes as a result of our clients.  Thanks for all you do for us!


    Top performing team members spoke on informative panels

    • Bob Lucido: Knock their Socks Off at the Listing Presentation / Play the Part- Be the Part

    After winning the Business Innovator of the Year award, Bob shares his tips for growing your business and landing listings at his panels.

    • Lauren Lucido: Communicating your Value: Marketing Masterpieces
    • Veronica Sniscak: Never Lose a Buyer Again
    • Samina Chowdhury: Going for the Gold– the Appointment
    • Michelle Kemmerer: Buyers agents: Build a Buyer Business for you and your Mega Agent


    Coming home with fire and inspiration

    Keller Williams Family Reunion is all about learning and growing.  Our agents are growing their skills and striving to do better so they can serve you.  Our team came back, excited to move forward and grateful for the uplifting messages.  The week was complete after a rousing chorus singing some inspiration into the room. The Bob Lucido Team is grateful to be part of Keller Williams because of everything they offer in terms of service, training, and growth potential.


    Winning awards feels great, but nothing compares to the feeling of satisfaction we get when we satisfy another client.  We are all about offering the ultimate real estate experience to our clients.  Everything we do is geared towards total client satisfaction and our methods are proven by the things we do differently from the rest of  our competition.  Click here to learn more about the Lucido difference and how it can benefit you.  If you are interested in either selling or buying a home with us, we’d love to help you out.  If you are a real estate agent who is interested in joining the #1 KW team in the world, contact us for more information.  We’d love to have you on our team.

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