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    The Perfect Home for Every Zodiac Sign

    Are you house hunting, but undecided about what type of home would suit you best? Glean insights about your perfect home based on your star sign! Astrology can be helpful in your decision making process, to ensure you choose a house that feels like ‘home.’ From Capricorn to Sagittarius, learn what your zodiac has to say about your dream home.


    Aquarius – Cape Cod Style
    Aquarius’ are focused on advocating for change, so we recommend a classic cape-cod style home in the suburbs of Washington D.C. or New York.

    Pisces – Tudor Style
    Pisces are super focused on being artsy dreamers, so they won’t settle for something that doesn’t satisfy their creative side. A Tudor-style with it’s out of the ordinary-looking exterior is the perfect spot.

    Aries – Rancher
    Stubborn and restless, Aries want to plant their roots but still have freedom to leave whenever they need to. A one story house in the suburbs is the perfect happy medium.

    Taurus – Mansion
    Taurus’ tend to have expensive tastes, so a mansion is the clear winner. However they also like their privacy, so make sure to choose an area away from big cities, or a very large plot of land to call your own.

    Gemini – Victorian
    Gemini’s are known to be social, outgoing, and thrive on entertainment. A Victorian house is the center of everyone’s attention, and the refurbished inside matched the classic Gemini fatal flaw- one half is way different than the other.

    Cancer – Cottage
    Cancer’s are the sweetest sign of the zodiac. They will feel most themselves in a comfy cozy little cottage. Invite friends and family to live a true Cancer dream life.

    Leo – Castle
    Naturally, “the royalty of the zodiac” won’t want to settle for less than a castle fit for a king. Maybe settle for an average sized home with some castle-esque features, Leo. Anything that will turn heads.

    Virgo – Modern
    Virgo’s are super clean and organized, so a modern home is exactly what they need. Look for something with clean lines, with white and metal interiors, and lots and lots of windows.

    Libra – Beach House
    Libra’s are social butterflies, and what’s a better way to meet and entertain people than throwing a party in a beach house? Make use of the sandy backyard, outdoor kitchen, pool, and fire pit to entertain all of your guests.

    Scorpio – Non-traditional
    Scorpio’s are driven with passion and coated with mystery, so a cookie-cutter home isn’t going to cut it. If you’re a scorpio, feed your unique style by living in a non-traditional home, like a cave-style sanctuary or a tree house. Everyday will feel like an adventure.

    Sagittarius – Tiny Home
    Sagittarius’ are born travel bugs, so they don’t need a luxury home to satisfy their needs. In fact, a tiny home, preferably one on wheels might be just what the doctor ordered. They will barely spend any time there as it is!

    Capricorn – City Apartment
    Capricorns tend to want to get to the top of their careers, so a high-rise, scenic spot with a view of all their underlings will be the perfect thing to come home to everyday.



    If you’re looking to buy,  call 410.465.6900 today to start your search for your astrologically matched dream home!

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