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    ‘Tis the season to start saving!

    Temperatures are dropping more and more everyday as fall quickly passes by. Between the rising heat bill and future gift shopping, now is a great time to start saving some cold hard cash. Luckily, it only takes a few simple tweaks to your home to start making an impact on savings!

    Follow these 10 easy hacks you can do around the house to cut costs this winter:

    1. Program your thermostat to go up or down a few degrees when no one is home, and/or during the midnight hours when everyone is asleep.
    2. Keep your closet doors closed. Heating or cooling these areas is unnecessary.
    3. Use a clothesline to naturally dry clothes to reduce energy costs (if your climate allows).
    4. Wash your clothes in cold water. This will get your clothes just as clean and for half the energy of hot water.
    5. Check/install weather stripping on all doorways and windows to keep the warmth inside.
    6. Plug your electronics into power strips and unplug the power strips at night.
    7. Install low-flow fixtures to reduce water usage and save on your utility bill.
    8. Use fewer lights, energy efficient light bulbs, and dust your light bulbs so they are brighter.
    9. Make your own household cleaners to save money and reduce chemical exposure.
    10. Insulate your hot water heater to keep heat from escaping and wasting money.

    It’s only going to get colder as we transition from fall to winter, so take advantage of these hacks now and watch the savings pile up this winter!

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