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    We Stand Together in Support of Equality and Change

    The Lucido real estate family is a family of every color, gender, and sexuality. For the last 4 decades we have worked passionately and proudly to not only help our clients buy and sell homes in communities of all kinds, but also to create our own community of diverse and dynamic individuals from coast to coast we are proud to call our partners. 

    We are devastated at the senseless killing of George Floyd and too many others before him. The injustice and inequality experienced by too many people is wrong and cannot be ignored. We stand for justice. We stand together in support of equality and change. 

    Inclusion and diversity are ingrained in our Lucido culture. We celebrate our team’s colorful makeup of backgrounds, languages, and beliefs by our team members living and working in cities all over the United States and Canada. We strive to provide each and every client the ultimate real estate experience they expect and deserve to receive from us. For us this is a priority, so we work to ensure our team and leaders represent not only the diversity we seek but also the respect and values we uphold. 

    It is more important now than ever that we work diligently to do what we can where we can – because all lives are created equal and all deserve the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. These principles are fundamental to our identity as Americans.

    We have to do better as a nation, as Americans, as humans. We have to do better together…because together we are stronger.   <3


    Here is an internal letter from Gary Keller, CEO of Keller Williams Integrity, in response to recent events.

    Dear Keller Williams family,

    I’d like to make one thing clear: Racism is wrong and Keller Williams stands with the Black community and wholeheartedly supports equality. 

    Right now, communities across America are experiencing tremendous pain. This pain builds and grows exponentially with each name: George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. Eric Garner. Sandra Bland. Michael Brown, and too many more. Each person had a story, a family, a home, and a life that mattered that was taken away from them. 

    To our Black Keller Williams associates and clients: We are with you. You matter. Your family, friends, and community matter. Your lives matter. You are in our hearts and in our prayers. 

    The truth is that racial injustice and inequality persists. And, in order to help change that, it’s critical to not only say something about it, but to do something about it. I believe that the real estate community has a unique opportunity to promote healing and reform. The first step is reflection and thoughtful self-examination. Then, we listen. We learn. We speak up. That’s how change happens. We know many of you are past this stage. And, from you, we need your leadership.

    Effective immediately, we are creating a task force of our International Associate Leadership Council to come forward with recommendations for action to eliminate any racial disparity within our company, our industry, and how we can lead the way in the communities where we live and work. I will be reaching out to your regions immediately to ask for a nomination from each to join us in this critical effort. I’m proud of the company we’ve built together, but I know in my heart that we can do more. I believe we can also set an example within the industry by committing more of ourselves to a better, and equitable future. 

    We can all do something. Lead a conversation in your market center and commit as a family to create change. Reach out to your local real estate board and make sure that racial equality is reflected in their positions. Ask if they support initiatives and measures crucial to racial and social justice. Then, get involved in those you believe in.  

    Now is also the time to check in on each other, speak our truths, and listen with an empathetic ear. While we may not be able to come together in person, we can make a difference. Call, video chat, text, and support each other during this unbelievably challenging time. 

    Take heart. And, take care of each other. While pain and hate brought us to this moment, love will help us find our way out.

    Onward …

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