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    Window Treatments Galore: How to Dress Your Windows Well

    Windows are one of the most overlooked yet important aspects of a house.  They connect your house to the outside world and let in natural sunlight.  Clean windows can make a home gleam and proper window treatments add a warm statement look to the windows in your home.  If left bare, windows can take over or underwhelm a room.  Here are a few of our favorite and the most popular window treatments.  Good luck to getting your windows dressed to the nines!

    Pick a coordinating hue

    Colorful drapes are always a welcome sight, especially if the drapes are patterned and coordinate with other colors in the decor of the home. Soft neutrals, blues, browns, reds, and purples are a great pick.  Dark,  heavy shades belong on heavy drapes and thick drapes usually make a room feel heavy and cramped.  Light airy materials do best when serving as drapes in your home.

    Find luxurious fabric

    Luxury fabrics like silk, damask, velvet, leather, and grosgrain are popular in today’s market.  When selecting a fabric for your drapes, make sure it’s something that makes the room appear bright and airy instead of dull and dowdy.  Luxury fabrics might also have extras like beaded tassels and tiny crystals can add an extra ounce of class.

    All organic window treatments

    Organic window treatments made out of bamboo or cotton fibers can be bright and adds a lighthearted touch.  Bamboo looks all natural in a home and can let in diffused light.  Wood and bamboo are a great way to decorate in a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion.

    Create clean lines

    If you prefer clean lines in your modern kitchen or living room, go for panel-track systems.  Preceded by vertical blinds, panel-track systems are much nicer to look at and also made of fabric or woven wood panels and can be used to divide the light coming into a space.  Depending on the style of treatment, they can appear contemporary in style or European.

    Bold and bright prints

    While you can never go wrong with a classic white or ivory drape, bold prints are becoming more popular than ever.  These wild styles add some flair and drama to a space that might otherwise be bland.  Bold prints are fun and interesting and certainly add some color and variety to a space.

    Remote control light systems

    Finally, the future of window treatments will be part of the smart phone era.  Soon, you’ll be able to raise and lower your drapes simply by clicking a button on your smartphone.  You can control the flow of light into your home from a different location.  It’s all part of the ease that comes from living in the smart home generation.

    Window treatments are fun to discuss because the possibilities are endless and the results aren’t permanent.  You can change them at any time!  The Bob Lucido Team of Keller Williams Integrity tries to stay on top of the latest trends in housing and interior design.  We have a team of Realtors that are ready to help you buy or sell a house.  We also will send a professional stager and photographer to your house to make your house look like the best on the block.  Contact us for more information about all of the services that we offer.

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    2 Responses to “Window Treatments Galore: How to Dress Your Windows Well”

    • Bethany Birchridge

      Written on

      Thanks for pointing out that heavy and dark drapes will make a room feel heavy and cramped. I’ve been thinking of getting new drapes for my living room, but haven’t been sure which color to get. I’ll make sure I stay away from darker colors, as I want the room to feel more open. Also, do you have any tips for choosing durable bamboo curtains?

    • Raymond Cooper

      Written on

      I’m looking at getting some new window treatments for my home to make it look nicer. You make a good point how luxurious fabric can really make a difference when it comes to good window drapes. I have room in my budget to spend a little more, so I’ll definitely look into luxury fabrics to make my living room feel more upscale.


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