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    Guaranteed Sale Program


    If you want to buy a new home but need to sell your current one first, BOB LUCIDO TEAM HAS THE SOLUTION!

    Buy your next home with confidence knowing that we will sell your current home in 120 days or less, or buy it for cash.*



    Your Home Sold. Guaranteed.

    We do something rare in the industry. We guarantee our work, and back it up with cash.*



    • Guaranteed home must be priced between $150,000 and $750,000.

    • You and Bob Lucido Team, LLC must mutually agree upon a price in advance. If a price cannot be agreed upon, you can get three appraisals (paid for by you) by licensed appraisers, and we will honor the average of the two lowest appraisals.

    • After an agreed upon price has been determined and written in a Contract of Sale and signed by both parties, we list your home. We will then use our extensive marketing to showcase your home to potential buyers.

    • If your home is not sold in 120 days, we will buy it at the agreed price per the Contract of Sale, and settle within 15 days.

    • If we purchase your home and then sell and settle with a new buyer within 60 days, all profit (less all expenses and commissions) will be returned to you.

    • Your total satisfaction is important to us. If you are not completely satisfied with our service at any time, you may terminate your listing with us immediately.

    Knowing your current home is guaranteed to sell gives you true peace of mind in this market.


    Let’s chat!

    Contact us today at  410.465.6900 or email for a free consultation and market analysis.




    *Certain restrictions apply. To learn more, contact us.