Montgomery County Real Estate


    Montgomery County is the most populous county in Maryland, located just outside of Washington D.C., boasting all 3 rural, urban, suburban type neighborhoods in its 19 municipalities. Montgomery County is known as one of the wealthiest counties in the Nation.






    1,059,000 Population | 491 sqm Land | 16 sqm Water | Urban/Rural/Suburban | 19 communities

    Montgomery County is known for its diversity, with a bounty of ethnic restaurants, cultural activities, and diverse lifestyles. Residents tend to consider Montgomery County a kid-friendly place as it has top rated schools and a low-crime rate.

    Experience the convenience of transportation with the easily accessible Metro that can take you to Washington D.C. in a matter of minutes. Spend the day touring the Mall, exploring the museums and visiting monuments such as the White House and Pentagon all right outside of Montgomery County.

    The nightlife is great with lots of entertainment, activities, restaurants, and shops all easily accessible. In some neighborhoods, you are able to walk to most convenience stores. With just a short drive, you can also experience more rural areas, however Montgomery is mostly urban and suburban with bustling city centers.




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