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    5 Ways To Prepare Your Home To Sell This Spring

    The spring market is quickly getting underway in 2018 and if you are considering selling your home, there’s no better time than now to list.  With the market being highly competitive in Maryland, sellers have the upperhand but they need to be fully prepared for the listing process.

    Market inventory is at its lowest level since August 2005.  Add to that only 38 days on market on average and it’s hard to think of a better time to sell.  Waiting until later in the year will only mean there are more houses on the market and more potential competition.

    Rising Interest Rates Will Change Everything

    Interest rates have maintained a slow but stable rise in the last year, but many analysts are predicting a bigger rise coming later in 2018.  A higher interest rate could mean as much as $500 or more per month on your mortgage in the future.  If you were able to sell your current home and buy a new home now, you will enjoy the benefits of a lower interest rate and a move into a home that better suits your needs…at a lower cost to you.

    Eager Buyers Are Searching In Your Neighborhood

    Low inventory (the lowest in 13 years) is making buyers anxious to find a house NOW. They are shopping earlier in the year and are relentless in finding what they want. By selling now, you can strike while the market is still hot and then move on to find your move-up property.

    Find a Realtor You Can Trust

    Before putting your house on the market, you should learn about the process of selling your home and interview potential Realtors.  Rather than basing the value of your home on your neighbor’s homes, use the knowledge and tools a good Realtor will bring to the table to help you understand the overall quality of your home.  This will enable you to select a listing price that is fair and will yield quick results.

    Stage Your Home For Sale

    The market is competitive, but it’s not unfair.  Buyers are looking for houses that are in good working order and turn-key. Any small repairs or upgrades you can put into the home during the staging process will help increase the value of the home to potential buyers.  Our team offers complimentary staging consultations to all of our clients.  A certified stager will walk your home with you and point out things that buyers will notice and will give tips and ideas for making your house look inviting, warm, modern, and comfortable.

    Get It Sold

    Once the home is on the market, and in the days leading up to it, remember that it is your responsibility to maintain the condition of the home during the selling process and it is the job of the Realtor to market your home.  As you work together, you will see success.

    Spring is the most popular time to put your house on the market, and this year, it could pay dividends for you to list your home sooner and move forward with life. Bob Lucido and his team are here to make that transition as easy as possible for you.  That’s why we offer the Ultimate Real Estate Experience to our clients. We go above and beyond to list, stage, market, and sell your home in record time.