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    Silver Group®



    When you or the people you love are ready to move, you need more than just an agent. You need a team you can trust.


    Silver Group® is Bob Lucido Team’s unique division dedicated to providing specialty services to address the challenges associated with Senior Move. For most people, the changes and transitions associated with aging can be both intimidating and overwhelming. This process is further complicated by the choices and costs associated with senior living options and deciding what to do with one of your largest assets; your home. It can be a stressful time for you and your loved ones.

    Whether you personally have questions or you are worried about your parents, we’re here to help you better understand strategies to sell your home, as well as direct you to partners who can help you understand what assisted living offers, leaving a financial legacy, and getting your estate well-organized.





    When you’re ready to move, Silver Group® will provide

    an extensive referral network of experienced, reputable professionals to help you downsize

    our Home Enhancement Listing Program where you defer payment for home repairs until settlement*

    our Guaranteed Sale Program where we will sell your home in 120 days or less*

    our senior discount*

    FREE home staging consultation and market analysis

    FREE use of our fleet of moving trucks*